DuckerFrontier – Summer 2019

During this internship experience, I aided the research team and implemented a new workflow model for them to follow to obtain high-frequency economic data. Previously, the research team had to go to various statistical bureau sites to obtain important data indicators, which would reduce the amount of time the team had to analyze the data and compile meaningful reports for clients. After speaking with the team and learning about the available resources, I learned that a team in India had enough bandwidth to update the data records; however, they did not know how to. I curated detailed instructions along with a report deck on how data records needed to be updated, allowing for the team in India to take over this task – creating a more efficient data collection procedure.

The following is a sample for China. I also worked on creating instructions for Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.
The list of indicators that I had to curate instructions for.
This is a sample sheet of the indicator instructions.

In the end, this new workflow model reduced bottlenecks and allowed me to line balance the tasks to new individuals, creating more time for the research team to work on meaningful client reports. There was an overall 20% increase in efficiency.

In addition to this, I also gained a global mindset. I was born and have lived in the United States my whole life. The opportunity to live and work abroad for two months allowed me to see new perspectives, meet new people, and embark on a great adventure. I had to be comfortable in unfamiliar settings and become more adaptable and flexible, which I believe are critical for me to succeed in my future professional experiences.

To hear more about this internship experience or my time abroad, feel free to contact me.