Welcome – I’m glad you’re here!

I have written and re-written this page – and I’m still not completely sure what to share. First impressions have always been awkward for me. I can start with a simple “hello!” Hello – thank you for visiting my portfolio. My name is Hira, and I am a storyteller and global explorer.

Perhaps I should explain. After my family constantly asked me what my degrees in supply chain management and international relations meant, I grew tired of the question – and so now, I tell people that I study storytelling and global exploration. As a supply chain management student, I write the story for a product or process. From choosing the suppliers to sourcing the materials to improving the processes involved, I have noticed how these activities parallel with the act of writing a story – creating characters, imagining settings, and developing compelling plots. Similarly, international relations is more than just understanding the political and economic dimensions of this world; it’s an opportunity to interact with new cultures, languages, and regions. Therefore, I am a storyteller and global explorer.

I am passionate about process improvement and operations management, specifically in a global context. As the world continues to become more cosmopolitan, I have become fascinated with understanding how industries will change. I hope to positively contribute to that change by designing and implementing flawless processes and operational activities that will empower people around the globe to live limitlessly.

I know that was a lot. And there’s much more to me. I’m an avid baker, writer, blogger, book-reader, photographer, traveler, language-learner, and cookie-eater.

My Professional Experiences

creating and executing a digital campaign that impacted thousands.

Texas Senate – Summer 2018

researching, developing, and enhancing business needs.

DuckerFrontier – Summer 2019

analyzing processes and implementing change.

Goldman Sachs – Summer 2020

Let’s write a story and explore together.